Reset Recharge Refuel 21 Day Fast

If you haven’t joined this prayer experience, please Zoom in (you can have your camera off), or call in! I’m telling you the power of God is real. You can join us in the morning at 6, at noon and/or 7 pm. Each day we focus on a prayer word.

6 thoughts on “Reset Recharge Refuel 21 Day Fast”

  1. Rebecca Ricketts

    Looking for information pastor said may be on the website to start the 21 day fast, and substitutes.
    Thank You

  2. The password that was supplied does not work for “dial in”. Can you please send the password for those of us that don’t want to use Zoom?

    Thank you

  3. Rebecca Ricketts

    Will there be information posted for directions for Sunday afternoon service in Bensalem, PA, for those who would like to attend and drive?
    Thank You
    Sister Rebecca Ricketts

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