Covid Vaccination Event

Greetings Family,
We have the opportunity to host and partner with the congregations that we have been working with to provide COVID-19 testing to have a COVID-19 Vaccination Event in our community This event will be for those persons who are 65 and older who need their first shot.  Those persons do not have to be members of our congregations. These opportunities, however, are based on the numbers. The dates are possibly Monday, March 8, and definitely Palm Sunday, March 28.  We will realistically need at least 100 – 150 people to sign up to receive the vaccine to make this effort work.  We need actual names of persons who would sign up to receive the vaccine.  The site will either be CBC, Mt. Zion, or Solid Rock or, weather permitting, outside. If you or somebody you know who is 65 or older and desire to receive the vaccine, we need for them to reach out to us as soon as possible.  You may have those persons send their name and contact number to or call the Church Office and leave a clear message.  Once we have a sufficient number, we will schedule the event.  As you know, once they pull the vaccines, they cannot put them back, which is why we need names and numbers.  If we cannot get the numbers to substantiate the March 8 date, we will definitely get the numbers for the Sunday, March 28 date. It is important that we get this vaccine to those in our community so that we can make an impact in a way that protects our most vulnerable populations. I am available for any questions by responding to this email or via Again, I will need to report the numbers (with names) for the March 8th event by Monday afternoon.  However, if March 8th cannot occur because the response is too low, we will definitely be ready for Sunday, March 28th. 

Thank you for your support in this effort to help take care of our community.


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