Our Mission

In compliance with our Lord’s charge to us in Matthew 28:19-20, Alpha Worship Center sets forth as its mission: “To Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, Evangelize the Unsaved, and Edify the Saved with the Word of God.”

Our Vision

To create a Christ-centered, intergenerational, counter-culture community where “Everybody is Somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord”.

Our Purpose

  • Biblically and Spiritually, impact the lives of people in Jerusalem (the people of Alpha Worship Center), Judea (the people within the AWC community), in Samaria (all cultures of people amongst whom we live), and unto the uttermost parts of the earth (the people beyond our borders);
  • Cultivate a community that nurtures spiritual growth in the lives of all believers;
  • Physically establish an environment where a multi cultural assembling of people are free to worship God together;
  • Raise up and fully support missionaries committed to ministry where the Word of God is lack.

Our Values

  • Faith – We are committed to Faith in Jesus Christ as expressed in the Bible;
  • Prayer – We are committed to continual Prayer;
  • Worship – We are committed to faithfully offering our worship before God;
  • Biblical Teaching – We are committed to relevant Biblical teaching that transforms lives;
  • Outreach – We are committed to bringing people to personal faith in Christ at any cost;
  • Giftedness – We are committed to utilizing the giftedness of all believers, men & women, who are called by God;
  • Change – We are committed, in an ever changing culture, to effectively present the unchanging Gospel;
  • Excellence – We are committed to excellence in everything God calls us to do.
  • Character – We are committed to walking, as Christians cultivating spiritual growth, hearing, as we maintain a continual passion for the Gospel, and to working, in the development of the community to which we are called.

Our History

Laying the Foundation
1914 – 1968

The Alpha Worship Center began as a devout band of Christians singing and praying from house to house. They settled in the old Marshalltown School, where worship services were conducted for many years. Property was purchased on Cunard Street in Belvedere, where a sanctuary was established and State Incorporation status was granted. Over the next fifty years, God continued to add to the Church mightily, necessitating a series of renovations, remodeling and expansions in an effort to accommodate God’s blessings.

Signs of Growth
1968 – 1985

In 1971, ground was broken again for a new sanctuary. The new building on Thames Street was erected and several Deacons were ordained for the work of the ministry. The church continued to show signs of growth. Over time the facility was in need of more remodeling. In 1984, a renovation project began. Alpha experienced its first great challenge when the Senior Pastor died suddenly, in the latter part of that same year. The Church building sat with the roof removed and walls down almost level to the ground. Church services were held for over a year at the Absalom Jones Center on Capital Trail Road as the Leadership stayed diligently before the Lord to complete the renovations and seek a new Senior Pastor.

God Sends A Servant
1986 – 2005

In 1986, after services resumed at 205 Thames Street, God answered our prayers and sent a new Senior Pastor who led a wave of revival and expansion of Ministry. The Truth Bible Institute was created to expose Christians to solid biblical exegesis. We established a satellite campus in Williamstown, New Jersey at St. Matthews Baptist Church. Alpha Worship Center began to impact the Tri-State area for God on spiritual and practical levels of worship and living by biblical principals.
Because of spiritual maturity, unity and membership growth, the church decided on June 12, 1994, to build a new sanctuary. In February of 1997, Alpha Worship Center purchased 11.83 acres of land in Glasgow from the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington for the purpose of building a new Church. The land was located in a “Historical” area and the Church was unable to acquire a zoning permit from the County to build a road that would lead to the building of the new church. The church put this property up for sale and we currently have a buyer completing their site plans for settlement.
In March of 1999, the Pantry of Hope started as an Outreach Ministry that provided food to needy families throughout the State of Delaware. The Ministry has grown from serving 15 families to serving over 80 families weekly. The Pantry of Hope serves as an emergency food closet for the State of Delaware. In addition to our weekly food distribution we provide spiritual enrichment through evangelism and discipleship.
 In October 2004, the Lord instructed Alpha to move out on faith and move to new ground. Financial funds were secured to acquire an 80,000 square feet facility at 716 Pulaski Highway, Bear, Delaware. This warehouse on 6.4 acres would be the potential new church site.

A Bright Future Ahead
2006 – 2013

In February 2005, the church at 205 Thames Street in Belvedere, Delaware was sold and on the same day the church purchased 716 Pulaski Highway in Bear, Delaware for renovating into a new larger sanctuary. The church began worshiping at Del Tech Community College and the Lord added to the congregation weekly. The new site that was purchased would no longer hold the projected number of people. The Lord led the leadership to another facility at 721 East Chestnut Hill Road that would seat over one thousand people.  The 716 Pulaski Highway property is currently up for sale and the church is on the brink of renovating the facility on East Chestnut Hill Road to become the new worship center. In April 2005, God called Pastor Emanuel Lee Lambert, Sr. to be the next Senior Pastor of the Alpha Worship Center. The official installation service took place at Sharon Baptist Church, in Philadelphia, PA on June 5, 2005. God continued to grow the Alpha Worship Center church body as we moved to the new AWC complex in Bear, Delaware. Pastor Lambert resigned as Senior Pastor in October 2013.

Road to Recovery
2013 – Present

For over 18 months, Alpha Worship Center was without a Senior Pastor. During this time Pastor Zachary Crawford lead the congregation as the Interim Senior Pastor.

 In May 2015, Pastor Chad T. Hinson, Sr. was called to be the next Senior Pastor of the Alpha Worship Center. Pastor Hinson continues to lead and accomplish God’s work through Faith, Prayer, Preaching and Wisdom.

 With the continued Blessings of God Almighty and the sacrificial giving of all our members, we are on the “Road to Recovery!”