Our Ministries

Our purpose is to fully support the overall mission, vision, and values of our church. Our ministries model the four basic biblical functions of the church which are:


  1. Evangelism, Outreach, Missions ... Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 5:20; Mark 16:15
  2. Praise, Prayer, Worship ... Ephesians 5:19-20, 6:18; Psalms 33:1
  3. Fellowship, Encouraging, Accountability ... Hebrews 3:13, 10:24-25; 2 Timothy 4:2
  4. Equipping, Teaching, Bible Study ... Matthew 28:20; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; John 14:26


As we internalize the command of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 and at the early church in Acts 2:42-47, we purpose to live out in ministry, four basic principles:


  1. Out-Reach: reaching out to those outside the church. (Evangelism, Missions)
  2. In-Reach: reaching in to those inside the church. (Encouragement, Fellowship)
  3. Up-Reach: reaching up by communicating and giving to God. (Praising, Prayer, Worship)
  4. Down-Reach: God reaching down by communicating and giving to the church. (Bible Study, Preaching, Teaching, the Holy Spirit)


Browse our ministries to see how we do our part in fulfilling the overall vision of the church.

Alpha Worship Center Ministries


Senior Pastor

COM Ministry

Deacons Ministry

Deaconess Ministry

Stewards Ministry


Facilities Ministry

Security Ministry


Cares & Amenities

Usher Ministry

Nurses Ministry

Culinary Ministry

Greeters Ministry

Sr. Pastor's Ministry


Christian Education

Christian Education Ministry

Empowerment Hour Ministry

Library & Bookstore Ministry



Evangelism Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Missions Ministry

SONshine Ministry



Discipleship Ministry

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry

Singles Ministry

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

Widowers/Widows Ministry

Senior Saints Ministry

Spiritual Gifts Ministry

Joshua Counseling Ministry



Children's Bible Study Ministry

Little Lambs Nursery Ministry

Children's Church Ministry

Youth Church Ministry

Chosen Identity Ministry

A.B.L.E Ministry


M.E.A.M (Music & Expressive Arts)

Adult Praise Team

Youth Praise Team

Adult Praise Dance Ministry

Youth Praise Dance Ministry

Mass Choir

Men's Ensemble

Senior Choir

Children's Choir

Drama Ministry


Technology (Audio/Video, Computers)

Immutable Word

Advanced Technology