About Us



Our Senior Pastor


Pastor Chad T. Hinson, Sr.

and First Lady Ebony Hinson


Winning souls for Christ is my passion, so I serve the ministries that focus on telling others about Christ and facilitating the worship experience. I also focus on the spiritual development of our youth so I spend a lot of time with our young people. My wife Ebony and I believe that our ministry is both in the home and outside the home and we never stop looking for opportunities to serve the Lord.


Our Mission


In compliance with our Lord's charge to us in Matthew 28:19-20, Alpha Worship Center sets forth as its mission: "To Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, Evangelize the Unsaved, and Edify the Saved with the Word of God."


Our Vision


"A ministry that teaches the word of God to transform people to become more Christ-like, in an effort to glorify God in all that we do spiritually, emotionally and physically."


Our Purpose



Our Values